Services we provide as you Listing Agent
  • Research the market specific to your property
  • Go over what changes to the property may help a sale
  • Make a plan to get you an offer
  • Coordinate showings with you
  • Negotiate the offer(s) to get the best deal
  • Explain Forms & Agreements
  • Negotiate inspection, repairs and occupancy dates
  • Arrange signing & monitor closing
How do you comp our home for approximate value?
We use a process called a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), which is an examination of similar properties in the same area that are pending or have recently sold (in the last 6 months). On top of that we also take into consideration the listings that are active on the market – their condition, upgrades, floor plan, and any past attempts to sell that may have expired on the market, etc.

Do I have to sell to the person with the highest offer?
No, the seller has the final say on what offer they want to accept. There may be other factors that play a large role in an offer’s desirability other than the sale price. (i.e. closing date, financing type, the buyers, etc.)

Is it a disadvantage to list my home high at first?
In most cases, yes. The best buyers, who are willing, able and ready, are usually the first buyers to view your home. Once your home is on the market for a specific time, buyers take notice and start to low ball their offers. To note: Depending on the current market, the amount of the listing price over market value will affect the sale price. Ask your agent for current market info on this subject.

Can I wait for a Californian to pay far more than market value?
The answer is almost always no. Agents have heard of this, but it’s more of a Loch Ness Monster phenomenon. Californians, which we work with quite often, have money for a reason. They are smart and are using local agents, who will inform them on the market. Also, appraisals, if indeed they did offer too much, will throw a wrench in the sale.
(We joke with the Loch Ness Monster, but this is a dominant cause of homes expiring.)

How and when do I get feedback from showings, updates, etc?
We set up a contact schedule that works for you to update you on showing feedback, market updates, etc.